Online Coaching

Join the Army!

You've got to shock!

You become a warrior!

Because we are going to war.


To war against the weakness.


To war against thinner weaker self.


Against obesity and katabolism.


- You learn the art of war.


- Fight the battle by a precised battle plan.


- Confer with your army commander.


- Learn to use your weapons.


- Awake and control your inner warrior.

3 Foundations of our Philosophy:

Get strong

 We get you the right package of heavy basics, bodyweight skills and the right accessory excercises.

To make you the dominating warmachine on the battlefield.

Mental Strength

Awake the warrior within.

Dominate Training.

Dominate life.

Be a walker.

Shock through commitment, Discipline und maximum Effort.



Look good naked

 With the right combination of intelligent strength training and strategic nutrition advices you'll lose bodyfat and gain musclemass. To make you look like the gladiator you are.


training for warriors



- Entry Check-up

  • Technique check-up
  • Search & Find of dysbalances und weak areas
  • Search & Find of strong areas


- individual trainingscedule for your goals 

  • Performance
  • Strength & Hypertrophie
  • Competition Preparation
  • Fat free mass
  • Prehab


- weakly feedback per mail

  • Strength & Performance progression
  • Stressmanagement
  • Mental hypertrophy


- Technique analysis weekly - via video


+ Nutrition

Nutrition for Warriors


-  individual nutritrional recommendation for

  • Fatloss
  • Building muscle
  • Performance

 weakly individual nutritional feedback 

based on macronutrients


- Supplementary recommendations 


Coaching is by a minimum of 3 months avaliable.


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