Nik Tibusek

I want to build up warriors.

Physically and mentally.

That'S what drives me.

My Name is Nik Tibusek in

2010 I became a soldier in the german Airborne. At this point I was at 130Kg bodyweight. 


As a soldier I learned a lot about discipline and what it means to break through barriers and what you are really capable of.


In 2013, half a year after leaving the army I started doing Calisthenics. First of all my goal was to lose weight. I came down from 115Kg to 90Kg in pretty much a year.


During this time I founded Calisthenics Wetzlar. So far the largest Calisthenics group in Germany. 


Over time I started to include weight training like kettlebells, barbells and machines into my own training. Goal was to get freaking strong - so I implemented whatever gives me a benefit.

As the headcoach of Calisthenics Wetzlar I had to learn how to coach.

How to deal with different persons. And how to train different persons.

How to help people to reach their full potential.

To get them reach their goals.

My own goal changed from having fun working out into - to be the best coach I can be.


This goal was a gamechanger. My competetive athletes went into the game and won nearly everything there was.


One huge aspect in this was something I discovered very fast. It's not the hardest training or the best programming neither the technique in exercising what makes the real difference. It's the mentality. The mental growth.

The art of coaching is how to awake the inner warrior and show people how to use it. Then comes the rest.




To put this inner warrior into use. In Life, not only training, is probably the most important part of my coaching.

Who learns to use this skill will be a strong person for life. 

And that's real impact.

That's what I strive for.

Sebastian Müller about Nik:

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Specialised on

Hybrid strength Building


The mix out of Calisthenics, Gymnastics Powerlifting and Bodybuilding. With the goal of a strong and fast warrior, looking great naked.

Defeat the weakness - get battle tested.


Competiton Prep

On point on Competition Day.

With the specialising on Calisthenics Power Competitions there is no excuse anymore not to bring your best in a Competition

Do the Prep and make sure to bring your A Game.


Hypertrophy & Body Recomposition

Fatloss & Hypertrophy?!

In the end - everybody wants this.

We get it on.

Look great naked.

Bodyweight Skills & Strength

Beautiful strength means making skills looking easy in perfection.

Master your bodyweight 

Shock through Perfection.


Athlete success of the last view years:

- Platz 3. World Championships 2018 Power & Strength WSWCF

- Platz 1. Deutsche Meisterschaften 2018 Calisthenics female Power Competition

- Platz 3. Deutsche Meisterschaften 2018 Calisthenics Middleweight Power Competition

- Platz 1. ALLBARS GAMES 2018 Paris

- Winner Bar Warrior Bremen "Battle of the Amazones" 1vs.1

- Platz 3. ActivLab Game of Bars na ESP 2018 Krakau female

- Platz 3. ActivLab Game of Bars na ESP 2018 Krakau Heavyweight Male

- Platz 1. Cali Games Berlin 2017 female endurance

- Platz 1. Deutsche Meisterschaften 2017 Calisthenics female Power Competition

- Platz 2. Deutsche Meisterschaften 2017 Calisthenics female Power Competition

- Platz 1. - 3. Bar Warrior Cup Bremen 2017 female Power Pro League

- Platz 1. -3. Bar Warrior Cup Wetzlar 2017 female Power 

- Platz 3. Bembel 2016 Kraftdreikampf Frauen

Platz 2. Heavyweight Category IconStrong Calisthenics Championships London 2016

-  Platz 1. - 3. Bar Warrior Cup Berlin 2016 female Power 

- Platz 1. -3. Allbars Games Paris female Power 

- Platz 1.- 3. Deutsche Meisterschaften 2016 Calisthenics female Power 

- Platz 2. FIBO Queen of the Bar 2016 Power
- Platz 1. & 3. Bar Warrior Cup Bremen 2016 female Power

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