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Nik Tibusek

Sinia Strohbach

About us

What we stand for, is making you the ultimate Warrior.

What's different is our Work ethik, our Commitment and our Passion.

Who works with us is ready to give it all, is ready to go to war and fully commited to the goal.


We give it all so you can give it all!

But - it is expected you are ready to give it all!


You have a goal, ready to go to war for? 

- We have a plan for your war.

Let's go to war together.

As brothers in arms.

Ready to hit it hard?

Then you are right right here!

Passion builds Commitment.

Commitment builds discipline.

That builds Work Ethik.

And that's our Passion.


We work as Personal Trainers for several years

But prefer the terminus Strength Coach.


Our focus is on the outcome.

What counts is the outcome. 

The individual optimizing of the bigger picture based on what you need in order to get where you want.

In Training.

In Nutrition.

In your mental state - your willpower.


What you need is Commitment.

Commitment to quality.

For Training.

For Nutrition.

For Sleep.

And your mental State.

We believe there is an inner warrior in each of us.

Sometimes you have to awake this warrior sometimes you have to tame this warrior.

It's about to master the power of your inner warrior.

Let'S do it!

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